Rosebank Farms is a pasture raised chicken and turkey farm

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Rosebank Farms

Steve and Andrea Gunner
4218 Wyatt Road
Armstrong BC
V0E 1B4
Farm 250-546-2712
Cell 250-308-6146

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I've cooked and eaten a lot of turkey, but this one was spectacular. It cooked beautifully, the meat was tender and the white meat was moist, lots of juice for gravy, best bird we've eaten in a long time. And the flavour, I can't say enough.  Food like this is a daily reminder of how grateful we are to live among such abundance, have such fine farmers and neighbours ‹ to all a huge Thanks!

Cathie and Al

Cooked up a chicken yesterday, it was delicious!!! lots of dark meat on it, my favourite, even the white meat was juicy. It was really nice to meet you the other day, thanks for taking the time to show us the baby chicks! We will see you again!


Thanks for the newsletter! Interesting, I didn't realize that you have such an assortment of chicken and turkey products! Fantastic!
I cooked a chicken of yours that had been in the freezer (I hate to say this) about 3 years...(I know) and it was still soooooooooo delicious! I was a bit sceptical for sure but everyone just raved about it. It was still tender and juicy! So there ya go! You have the best chickens I have bought in this region and I have tried many. Thank you again for your care and attention!